Leo and Susie's
Green Top Bar-B-Q
Dora, Alabama 205-648-9838
Jasper 205-221-2244


Leo & Susie's Famous Green Top BBQ

There is a reason that the Green Top has been around since Truman was in the White House and that's because it's some of the best Bar-B-Que on the planet. Leo & Susie's Famous Green Top Bar-B-Que is an icon in Alabama.

The folks here at the Green Top have shipped Bar-B-Que to Europe, the Middle East, and all over the U.S. The reason that people clamor for Green Top Bar-B-Que is because it's good!

The menu has a little something for everyone. We have Bar-B-Que pork sandwiches, Bar-B-Que plates, Bar-B-Que potato's and Bar-B-Que salads that'll make you want to slap your mama...well, maybe that's a stretch, but the food is REALLY GOOD!

If Bar-B-Que pork is not your thang. We have chef salads, regular tossed salads, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and chopped chicken sandwiches. We have home fries that'll send you on a trip down memory lane.

Leo & Susie's Green Top also does catering so be sure to visit our catering page to see how you can be the hit of the party season and not have to break the bank.

Leo & Susie's Famous Green Top is family friendly so the next time you have a cravin' for something really good, come by the Green Top. We'll keep the hickory fire burring for you.